Comfortable Lounge Seating

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Comfortable Lounge Seating
3 seats sofa + 2 chairs

2 reviews for Comfortable Lounge Seating

  1. Comandant
    2 out of 5


    Beautiful chair. Is there an significance benhid the monogram that you chose? Did the upolsterer embroider that on?PS. Love the decoration stacked xmas tree too. Where do you get such lovely ornaments Anna?MrsPotter

  2. Julia
    5 out of 5


    We all love the ‘green’ idea of recycling paltels, & they’re pretty handy for a lot of uses, but… Be SURE you know the possible hazards too — the wood could be chemically treated against rot. Wood is porous, & could be contaminated with toxic chemicals or bacteria like E. coli & Listeria. There’s a good write-up about choosing paltels at . No, I don’t work for & am not advertising that site: it just has good information on this subject that folks need to be aware of. There are other articles if you just do a search for “toxic paltels”. Better safe than sick & sorry!

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